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February, 2022

Types Of Photo Mounting And Photo Blocks

Framing is an old technology that is applied for making an ordinary picture aesthetically more beautiful. However, an alternative advancement of framing has been found in mounting. The usual photographs when mounted with solid rigid backdrop can help in a far better display than the original. This is called as photo mounting. The picture appears same in both cases only a background is added for safety and visual purposes. There are different styles to treat and display photos. One such way is the incorporation of photo blocks to add a stylish touch to display.

Types of photo mounting procedures

In contrast to the regular basic wooden frames, photo mounting is another alternative offering photographers different display options. This type of conformation is carried out by professional artists; however, one can himself customize the photo mount with experience. There are numerous factors that can affect the different processes involved in photo mounting. Some of them are photo and image physical features, mount characteristics, overall cost expense, tools and artistry hardware present. It also depends upon the time span of photo display.

Photo mounting is done in accordance to the personal and professional importance of the hanging photos. If the photo is to be displayed for only a short interval of time, then the mounting is done faster and is comparatively cheap. The methods employed for photo mounting include the dry and wet mount, conservation mount, pressure sensitive mount, spray adhesive and float mount applications. The criterion that must be noted is the proper sizing of mount required for photo display and the cost considerations.

Photo blocks as decoration

In order to make one’s personal and professional belonging pictures visually appealing, photo blocks are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. There are blocks available in different fashionable ranges that can be purchased and set-up is done. On the other hand, one can customize or DIY own photo blocks to fix pictures in it. This can be done by selecting the raw material, size, colour, styles and finishing types to make attractive photo blocks. Usually, the blocks are present in white or black, with a dash touch of matt or gloss finish.

Currently, acrylic and metallic blocks are favoured for the visual sense and are quite great alternative for the regular photo frames. There are apparently unique styles like Polaroid, differently shaped and figured blocks with heart, cube, crystal or star appearance, glass block etc. Photo blocks are used widely for sorting, fixing and displaying memorable images, wedding pictures, quotes, collages and sceneries. These are the most popular, simplest and beautiful decorative items that resonates high visual appeal with their placement especially in homes, hotels, restaurants, large villas and resorts.


Photo mounting is applied to provide a good background support platform to the picture before hanging. This adds beauty as well as depth to the image. The photo blocks are a type of affordable decorative object in which photos are set up for long term display on tables and planks.

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